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The Funk & Wag from A to Z

installation view at The Station Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston, TX

excised printed pages from The Universal Standard Encyclopedia, 1953-56, by Wilfred Funk, Inc., archival water-based glue, paper
524 collages, each varies from 8 x 11 inches to 17 x 23 inches, installation variable

A popular, vintage encyclopedia is processed to represent contradictory layers and logic of personal and public information. The images have been extracted from all twenty-five volumes of a 1953-56 Funk & Wagnall Encyclopedia and reconfigured as collages, unleashing the potentiality of images trapped by historical context. New political and psychological associations emerge in the black and white presentation that covers the walls.

VOLUME I No. 10 Playing Rockefeller Center

VOLUME I No. 17 Survival is a Delicate Act

VOLUME V No. 11 The Specter of Urban Decay Rises From the Rubble

VOLUME VI No. 15 Crusty Confucius

VOLUME IX No. 8 Please Do Not Touché

VOLUME X No. 5 Black Angel

VOLUME XI No. 11 No Appetite for Island Architecture

VOLUME XI No. 13 You’re Not From Around Here, Are You?

VOLUME XIII No. 9 Beauty and the Boat

VOLUME XIV No. 5 Undermining Frankfurt Kentucky

VOLUME XIV No. 12 Oil Spills

VOLUME XX No. 7 The Western Sahara

VOLUME XXII No. 9 Shadow Tail Shout Out, Furry Fury

VOLUME IX No. 11 The Revelers Would Have to Pay

VOLUME X No. 13 Sea of War-Monstruo de la Guerra

VOLUME VII No. 1 Gothic vs. Romanesque

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