S.O.S: Reloaded

video document
produced with the art organization No Longer Empty and Bronxnet Television

premiered in:
“This Side of Paradise,” presented by No Longer Empty at the Andrew Freedman Home, Bronx NY, 2012

This film follows the format of the original S.O.S, made in 2004. S.O.S. Reloaded asks residents from diverse neighborhoods of the Bronx his or her message to the President of the United States. Each person is then video taped staring into the camera while his or her heartbeat is audio recorded. In the finished product, the transcribed message to the President scrolls below each Bronx resident’s silent video portrait, while the amplified sound of the individual’s heartbeat marks each person’s words. S.O.S contains communication that is both personal and critical to the President, from the rich to the poor, straight from the street. A copy of this video has been sent to President Obama.


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