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Operation Paydirt/Fundred Dollar Bill Project


Operation Paydirt is an artist-initiated project inviting children, families and communities to imagine, express and actualize a future free of childhood lead-poisoning. Central to Operation Paydirt is the Fundred Dollar Bill Project, a creative campaign advancing public education and community engagement through the creation and collection of Fundreds – original, hand-drawn interpretations of $100 bills. Fundreds represent the tangible voices of millions speaking to those with the power to end this national problem. The goal is to exchange the value of informed public voice into real resources to leverage 100% prevention.

Since 2006, Operation Paydirt’s initiatives have proven effective in engaging communities in the potential for change. This methodology can further underpin the work of the larger lead poisoning prevention movement by developing a massive citizen voice. Now, with the support of A Blade of Grass, a foundation that nurtures socially engaged art, Operation Paydirt is offering this creative momentum to support those with the knowledge and power to influence change towards lead poisoning prevention. MIT’s Community Innovators Lab (CoLab) is partnering with Operation Paydirt to create the space for a convening of campaign partners to co-create communications and movement-building strategies. The partnership with CoLab will facilitate the interchange of knowledge and resources between MIT and community networks. Moving forward, Los Angeles based Healthy Homes Collaborative is invested as an advising partner. Conversations with lead poisoning prevention experts are evolving to further anchor this national dialogue.

See operationpaydirt.org for the latest information.

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